Policy and Institutional documents

Policy on employment and the quality of the French language

Policy on the use and quality of the French language encourages the expression of values and orientations of the Teccart Institute in connection with the use of the French language. It integrates the various practices in use.

In the wake of the General States on the language, it meets the requirements of Article 88.2 of the Charter of the French language.

The mastery of the French language in a French school located in a French company, is essential to a solid training and life in society. In fact, "more than a tool, the spoken and written French language is the" environment "in which live all our relationships: learning relationships and teaching aid relations, labor relations, professional relations and social ". Concern for the quality of French is clear, first and foremost, in all teaching and learning activities.

The College has also chosen to focus on a French learning sequence that makes mastery of written communication prior to the enrichment of cultural capital and the development of skills of literary analysis.

Institutional policy learning evaluation

It is a basic right of the student to know the quality of their learning activities.

If teaching is to change behavior, the teacher has the duty to know what he wants to change. By change the behavior we mean a change (knowledge, skills and attitudes) that occurs and can be observed between the beginning and end of a course in a given session.

To this teacher’s duty is grafted the right of the student to be informed of the quality of their learning. It is in this perspective that we must develop an evaluation policy.

Institutional assessment policy learning

An institutional assessment policy learning is a collaborative way that an institution gives itself so that evaluations are carried out and scoring of student learning.

After introducing the principles and basic concepts of evaluation, we will find the wording of the policy, the role of stakeholders and the rules and procedures.

Institutional Success Plan 2007-2011

In its endeavor to facilitate the success of its students, the Teccart Institute (2003), under the authority of the Director of Studies, produced a first institutional success plan in October 2003 to cover the period 2003-2007. Subsequently, in June 2007, it has produced a new version of its corporate success plan, with its implementation until 2010.

Following a self-evaluation process of the effectiveness of its success plan for the entire period covered (2003-2010), the Teccart Institute (2003), dated 31 March 2011, adopted the self-assessment report . In this report, reference is made to the guidelines to be used for institutional success plan 2011-2015 and outline an action plan called to support it.

The 2011-2015 PIR is in continuity with the previous two PIR. In addition, it retains the recommendations of the Self-Assessment report of the effectiveness of institutional success plan 2003-2007 (2003-2010) in particular to ensure that "the wording of the next PIR is as light as possible so as to ensure ownership by all"

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