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The Teccart Institute also offers a variety of programs leading to AEC that allow you to quickly integrate into the labor market in the following areas: International Trade, Legal Technology, Insurance Damage, Real Estate Brokerage and Technical Education in Childhood. Experienced professionals will guide you and will pass on skills that will make you the future professionals in these fields.
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This program leading to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS) consists of four (4) quarters of training (12 months intensive).

The main objective of the program is to train specialists in international business who can succeed as entrepreneurs, self-employed, managers, technicians and administrative staff in companies or activities relating to export or import.


Quebec is no exception to these movements. Several high-tech industries and multiple production companies or services now export their products abroad, others importing goods and services to make the operation here. Many industries are already positioned in the global market, others are preparing to take place.

Such activities require qualified staff capable of ensuring the development and management of trade. The program in International Business is developed according to the competency-based approach. It extends over a period of 1800 hours and leads to an Attestation of College Studies (ACS).


The work function covered by this program is that of technician in international business.

The technician in international business is responsible for managing exports or imports of goods or services of a business, from researching potential markets to establishing retention policies, subsequent to the completion of a transaction. His/her main tasks are to conduct market research, develop strategies for market penetration, determine prices, methods of payment and financing, deal with foreign entities, plan the logistics of the delivery of services, oversee the workflow and finally, ensure the implementation of a policy for monitoring the guarantee of the satisfaction of the parties and the maintenance of good relations between them.


The technician working for an international trade company from here, interested to provide goods or services outside the country, to import such goods or services or to explore new markets. He/she can also work for a foreign company interested in developing a market in Canada.

The technician in international business can also act as a consultant to the export or as a foreign markets analyst.

In addition, its logistics expertise allows him/her to act as a forwarder or other type of intermediary inside trading transactions.

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Introduction à la comptabilité
Démarrage d'entreprise
Entreprenariat mondial
Recherche en commerce international
Anglais des affaires 1
Marché international:entrée et distribution
Marketing international
Logistique du commerce international
Paiement et financement du commerce international
Aspects légaux du commerce international
Gestion du commerce électronique
Exportation de services
Introduction au commerce électronique
Utilisation de l'internet à des fins de recherche
Management et gestion de projet
Outils de bureautique
Stage en commerce international


Introduction to accounting603 – 1 – 42 2/3
Starting a business603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Global entrepreneurship603 – 1 – 32 1/3
International Business Research603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Business English I603 – 1 – 22
International Market Entry and Distribution603 – 1 – 32 1/3
International Marketing603 – 1 – 32 1/3
International Business Logistics603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Payment and financing of international business603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Legal aspects of international business603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Management of e-commerce601 – 2 – 32 1/3
Export of services603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Introduction to e-commerce603 – 1 – 32 1/3
Using the Internet for research601 – 3 – 32 1/3
Management and Project Management602 – 2 – 22
Office tools601 – 3 – 22 1/3
International business internship2401 – 15 – 46 2/3
TOTAL120042 38 5043 2/3

Graduates of the program will pass their certification exams FITT. The FITT accreditation provides a new level of expertise and accountability to international business. Building on the skills they have acquired, the graduates of this program will spare personal success and help companies succeed in international markets and increase their market share.

The FITT skills program consists of eight courses. Thanks to its modular approach, you can take courses that meet your needs first and then move on to those that will help you achieve your strategic goals. These courses are highly relevant:
  • Global Business Environment
  • International Marketing
  • Business Finance
  • Managing the Global Supply Chain
  • The entry strategies in international markets
  • International Business Research
  • Legal Aspects of International Business
  • International Business Management
Description de Cours
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Those interested in enrolling in this program must have completed a secondary or vocational diploma (DES or DEP) or have training deemed sufficient by the college. Those interested in enrolling in this program must also satisfy the following conditions:
  • Having interrupted his/her studies for at least two consecutive semesters or one academic year.
  • To be covered by an agreement between the College and an employer or a government program.
  • Have completed at least one year of postsecondary education over a period of a year or more.


Birth certificate
Transcripts and diplomas
Registration form duly filled
Registration Fees of 250$

I'm interested in this program

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